How to Design Your Own Company’s Logo Lanyards

If you are starting up your own company, then it is only natural that you try to do things on your own. To limit the expenses, you should avoid hiring professionals to do work on your behalf if you are still capable of doing the task without their help. A perfect example of a task you can do without professional help would be designing the company’s logo lanyards.

Designing your very own lanyard is ideal when you do not want to increase your overhead expenses. Doing this is even more recommended especially when you have an idea on what to incorporate in the design. If you are good at designing, then you can do the said task without asking for the services of a professional graphic designer.

When designing the said custom strap, there are factors that must be taken into consideration. The said factors exist to help you make a better design. These may not be in-depth knowledge on the technicalities for the design phase but they are general points you must remember to make the said design pleasing to the eyes.

Logo LanyardsThe first in the list are the company name and seal. Since you will be using the logo lanyards for your business, you might want to consider including the name and seal of the company in the design. This way, you can use the said strap as a marketing tool. With the strap converted as a marketing tool, you can improve the exposure of the business to the market.

When designing, it is necessary to research what material the strap will be made with. The whole graphic design will be affected with what material you have chosen to print it on, after all. When it comes to the material of the lanyard, you can choose from a wide selection that includes polyester, nylon, woven, and so much more.

The width for the strap must also be considered. Nowadays, the selection for the width of the neck strap often varies from 10mm up to 25 mm. There are also available logo lanyards straps with width wider or narrower than the given range. You must pick the width for the straps according to what makes the final result more appealing.

The material’s color is the next factor you have to consider when designing. The material’s color actually depends on what material type you have chosen for the lanyard. The color selection will be different if you opt to have the polyester material for the strap. It will be different if it is a woven one too. Be sure to know decide on the material before deciding on the color for the strap.

Choose what the layout for the text and pictures should be. Since the text and design is most likely the company’s name and seal, you have to pick a layout that will make these elements prominent. Pay attention to how the whole design will look like when printed on the logo lanyards as well. Be very attentive to how it would be printed on both sides. It should have an impact, whether viewed from the front or the back of the strap.

You may or may not choose to have a safety breakaway option. The safety breakaway option refers to the quick release clasp in the lanyard that should open easily. With this safety breakaway option, there is no more risk of choking. It should be a good addition to your design.

There are finishing touches you can put on the design. For example, you can choose to have the final style of this neck strap to either be sewn-on or with metal crimps. Attachment accessories can also add value to the logo lanyards you plan to produce for your employees. Of course, you need to pick the right finishing touches to come up with something truly special.

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