The Wonders of the Iron On Patches

Iron On PatchesIf you are a parent, you are most probably familiar with the knee parts of your children’s pants going “missing” at some point. You probably see this most of the time. Your children leave for school appearing perfectly presentable in their favorite pair of pink jeans or little khakis. However, when they return home, both of the knee parts are hanging out. This may or may not expose tattered pants and scraped skin. Fortunately, you can do something to help you prevent this type of problem from occurring in the first place. You can use iron on patches for the knees to help enhance the appearance of your kids’ pants. At the same time, this can help strengthen their pants long before they even hit the playground.

The main function of these patches is to prevent the pants from wearing out prematurely.

These iron on patches for the knees are applied on the outer or the inner portion of the pants. The hot iron will activate the adhesive part on the back of these patches. This will then cause your patch to stick to the clothing. As soon as the patch begins to cool, it will be completely stuck to the fabric. You cannot do something to remove them. Cooling time for these patches takes around ten seconds to complete. You may also use these patches to repair existing holes that you can find in the pants.

Iron on knee patches typically come in various sizes.

Some people simply want to purchase large strips of iron on patches. To make these fit on the pants, they simply cut off the excess parts. Some of the patches are as small as 0.5 inch square. On the other hand, some of these patches can be as large as six to eight inches square. The larger ones are especially designed to cushion the knee of your pants or to cover this part.

These iron on patches also have numerous things in common.

Primarily, these all have adhesives that you can readily activate using heat. These adhesives are typically found on the back part of the patch. Depending on how hard the patch may be, there may be a little of the adhesive around the edges. There may also be a thick layer that span across the entire back part of your knee pack. These patches have the tendency to have a plastic or rubbery feel because of their fortifying nature.

The knee patches come in a vast array of sizes, colors, and shapes.

However, most of these may be classified in two groups. These are the decorative and practical types. Both types can help provide extra support for the pants’ knees.

1. The decorative ones tend to have irregular shapes. They may also be designed to make statements as much as they serve a certain purpose. For instance, a large iron on butterfly patch can let everyone know that you are a fan of butterflies. At the same time, this can help protect your knees.

2. Practical knee patches mostly come in khaki and blue shades to help match your pants. They should be ironed on the inner parts of your pants so they will not show. You can use these to discreetly mend holes.

Iron on patches for the knees have lots of benefits to offer.

For one thing, you can use the decorative type to help spice up a boring wardrobe using unique and funky styles. At the same time, these can help provide covers for your knees if you are mostly prone to accidents. On the other hand, the practical types are excellent if you enjoy gardening or other physical activities that require you to get down on your knees very often.